Server Level Agreement - SLA

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is applicable to all services provided directly to clients of TheHosted LLC. This SLA is not applicable to unrelated third parties who do not maintain a contract with TheHosted LLC. The following guarantees and resulting credits are applied in monthly terms.


To properly claim an SLA credit, the client must submit an SLA ticket in our helpdesk and within 24 hours of the occurrence. Client is responsible for including all relevant information such as IP Address, contact information, description of problem as well as logs of problem experienced. Once the ticket has been submitted, our staff will analyze logs provided by client and determine whether a credit is appropriate. Credits are issued in the form of credits to future billing payments.


Clients who have unpaid accounts are not eligible to receive SLA credits. Any abuse related incidents caused by said client are not eligible for SLA credit until the abuse related matters are resolved.


TheHosted LLC guarantees 99.9% network uptime on its public network. In the event a credit is due, a credit of 10% per hour of downtime experienced will be issued upon proper SLA credit submission described above. DDOS attacks are not included in this network SLA and therefore no credit will be given for such attacks.

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